We digitize and automate workflows in recruiting.

We want to help everyone who works professionally with job advertisements to work together more productively.

Our background

We (the founders of GOhiring) have been involved in job advertising for over 12 years.

In 2007 we launched one of the first “AI Powered” recruitment matching providers. However, the time was not ready for it. In 2009, we then built 1000jobboersen.de, the first agency in the German-speaking world focused on online job ads, and sold it to the ATS Softgarden in 2012. We had a bigger vision in mind for which we needed to be independent and which we approached by founding GOhiring.

Our motivation

There were a number of things we couldn’t get a handle on at 1000jobboersen.de at the time, despite having 120 employees.

One essential thing was the clean and structured transmission of advertisement data to job boards, as the exchange took place via fax, telephone, Excel and e-mail. Issues like reporting or transparency could not even be thought of in this way. The problem was not only for us, but was just as present for everyone else in the market, i.e. employers, system manufacturers and job boards, because there was simply no solution. That was the moment when the idea for GOhiring was born and we started to rethink the processes of the recruiting world from scratch and put them on a digital footing. By founding GOhiring in 2012, we wanted to make sure that we could focus only on our new vision and get the necessary independence that someone who builds the infrastructure for the market needs.

Our mission

We want to increase the productivity of all market participants by facilitating and improving collaboration. To get closer to this goal, we have been operating GOhiring, the infrastructure provider for the recruiting market, since 2012.

We enable all market participants to network/connect deeply with the market (connectivity) and to identify the ideal partners on the market thanks to first-class analytics. From an employer’s perspective, this means, for example, that recruiters can collaborate with their job boards of choice without any hurdles and easily try out new channels. They should experiment, learn and gain transparency about their market. Recruiting should be fun, successful and not be limited at every turn.

We rely on a permanently open system that creates sustainable connections through the best possible API technology. We are burning for our idea, are convinced of the advantages and are looking forward to gradually inspiring the entire recruiting world for the digital possibilities.

Our business model and product are designed in such a way that not only the employer, but also the entire market, i.e. system manufacturers, agencies and job boards, benefit (win-win-win).

Our approach

With GOhiring, we offer employers, job boards, HR software providers and agencies access to the networked recruiting world via an intelligent interface and a series of digitalised and automated processes.

The foundation is our multiposting approach, which we have completely rethought and built along a few basic principles.

Around this foundation, we build solutions according to the modular building block principle, e.g. for the administration of contingents, for billing, for the analysis and performance evaluation of job boards, or reporting at the push of a button.

What else sets us apart

We don’t just want to build a great product, we also want to shape our working world the way we imagine the future of work:
  • Remote
  • Small team
  • Industry experts
  • Latest digital tools
  • Clearly defined corporate culture
  • Excellent hiring
  • Passion at work
  • Always challenging the status quo
  • Regular team offsites
  • Focused on clear goals (OKR)
  • Taking even the craziest ideas seriously
  • Being in exchange with the market and other remote companies
  • Always working on your own strengths/preferences profile
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