6 rules for real multiposting

What is multiposting?

Multiposting describes the process of publishing a job advertisement on several job boards at the same time. With over 10 years of experience in digital multiposting, the founders of GOhiring are among the pioneers of this segment in the DACH region and are firmly convinced:


Real multiposting is completely digital

This is the only approach to sustainably reduce administrative processes for all sides (not only for the employer but also for job boards and agencies) and the only way to obtain daily updated evaluations of the entire process.


Real multiposting maps the entire advertising process

For us, the advertising process starts with the selection of suitable job boards, continues with the placement itself, possible changes to the placed ad, and ends with daily budget control, placement reports, and qualitative evaluations of where the best applicants came from.


Real multiposting must be open

Everyone must be able to work with everyone. All channels that post adverts must be able to be integrated easily. The employer must always be free to choose which agency, job board, or matching provider to work with.


Real multiposting has push-APIs instead of XML-feeds.

The big advantage is that the data exchange via API happens in real-time and is bidirectional so that the current posting status can be seen at any time. This ensures transparency and reduces the communication effort on both sides.


Real multiposting offers meaningful analytics

In order to be able to sustainably improve the recruiting success with job advertisements, the number and quality of applicants per channel must be digitally evaluated and both must be able to be presented transparently.


Real multiposting is independent

True multiposting is independent of the individual interests of an agency or a job board.

Job board list

You can book more than 400 job boards via GOhiring