Extend the basic plan with individual features and modules

Basic plan

The basic plan of GOhiring already contains features that will take recruiting within your existing HR system to a whole new level. The transparency and convenience of the digitized process will save you valuable time and improve your results in the long term.

  • Direct access to over 400 job boards
  • Post to all job boards directly from the ATS system
  • Buy ads directly from the system
  • Invite new job boards
  • Structured data transfer
  • Liquid Design and Google for Jobs optimized submission
  • Suggestion system
  • A status message of the ad, including remaining time
  • Transmission of cost center
  • Multiple billing addresses
  • Posting overview
  • Click statistics
  • Free job boards
  • Paid job boards
  • Additional modules

Additional modules

To maximize the functionality of the GOhiring API, you can add further modules to optimize your digital recruiting. We are constantly working on our software to bring your experience to perfection.

1st Module

Free job boards

  • Increase advertising reach with free job boards such as XING-Basic or Arbeitsagentur
  • Booking fees are waived

2nd Module

Job board quotas

  • Central and daily updated overview of your job board quotas
  • Remaining advertisements in the quota
  • Remaining term of the quota
  • Projection of consumption at the end of the contract
  • Notification when 80 % of the quota volume is reached
  • Monthly summary
Gohiring Quotay

3rd Module

Agency prices

  • Benefit from the favorable job board prices of the best agencies
  • Access your agencies’ special prices directly from the ATS system
  • Benefit from the Gohiring’s efficient processing and tracking options

4th Module

Accounting and reporting

  • Central recording of all booking information, including cost centers, multiple billing addresses, and locations
  • Numerous filter options and budget evaluations
  • Generation of overviews for passing on to the invoice control department
  • Generation of overviews for internal further allocation to cost centers or subcontractors
  • Generation of CSV files for integration with accounting systems

5th Module

Advanced Analytics

  • Recording of the number of applicants per job board/channel
  • Evaluations of applicant quality per channel
  • Extended suggestion system with this data
  • Support in the selection of job boards (job board consulting)