The interface that connects the recruiting market.


Expand the potential of your ATS

Connect your end users with the recruiting market. Our interface covers numerous processes that allow recruiters to improve their collaboration with the recruiting market. In addition, we provide data that enables transparency and best decisions. Our products can be flexibly integrated into HR systems. Developer-friendliness is the be-all and end-all for us.

3 Solutions

You have the choice.


For maximum flexibility

  • HR software providers seamlessly integrate job boards and recruiting processes into their system
  • Employers use job boards and processes directly from their system


Fast and resource-saving

  • HR software providers make all functions quickly available as single sign-on
  • Employers get access to all job boards and processes via their system


One tool with all functions

  • Employers without ATS use the full GOhiring functionality
  • Media agencies use GOhiring functions on behalf of their clients


Compare which solution fits you best.
API SSO Standalone
Technical effort high low none
Flexibility very high limited none
Integratability free limited
Data customizability free limited
User Interface partner integrated preset

Usable with all common HR systems. An interface that not only appeals to recruiters

Service from developers for developers: comprehensive API documentation, help center with how-to, updates and FAQs, technical kick-off and approval, technical contact persons, reliable support

Procedure after you have decided on a product:

  • Technical kick-off
  • Support with the conception of the integration
  • Support during integration
  • Acceptance of the integration with tests

After the completed integration:

  • Workshop for your sales team
  • Support with the first postings