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We’re a small team that is enthusiastic about automation, data, communication, and working solution-oriented in a positive environment. We have a holistic view of sales and marketing – shaping and optimizing the customer journey together from the awareness to the decision phase.

Growth team facts

Ø Work time spent in meetings

Max. 10%

Favorite lunch break activities

🍔 🍕 🛹 🏋️ 🐕

How many emails we send to each other per week

0 (we communicate via Slack and Trello)

Number of internal dashboards


What we’d work on together

GOhiring is the leading software company for automated job postings and recruiting analytics. With our tool, recruiters can manage the entire job posting process in one place.

As the growth team, we work on making sure that as many companies as possible know about GOhiring and benefit from our solution. We focus on an inbound-driven approach, using workflows and automation.

We’re fascinated by how our software helps recruiters make the most out of their online channels. You would join the challenge to communicate how easy, convenient, and efficient job posting can be – if you use the right software.

To achieve this, we use content and performance marketing, email marketing, and product demos – while building meaningful relationships with prospects and customers.

We work closely together with other departments like tech, product, partnerships, and service to include the knowledge and perspective of the whole company. Join the growth team and help us leverage data and creativity to boost our north star metric and move the company forward.

“Being together with positive-minded people while having the opportunity to solve the challenges that keep you in the flow sets a fascinating work environment.”


“Being together with positive-minded people while having the opportunity to solve the challenges that keep you in the flow sets a fascinating work environment.”


Tools we use

  • Slack: Our internal communication tool
  • Trello: Project management tool that allows us to plan and track smaller and bigger projects
  • Miro: Online collaborative whiteboard tool to gather ideas or visualize processes
  • HubSpot: CRM and marketing automation
  • Power BI: Dashboards and data analysis
  • Google Suite: Sheets, Slides, Docs, and Mail help us collaborate
  • Loom: Video screen recording with voice-over
  • Figma: Cloud-based interface design tool
  • SEM and SMM: Google Ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn and more
  • Placetel: Digital landline solution
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How you know you will be happy to join us

You will be happy to work with us if you like to work in a dynamic and positive environment. You love to leverage data, automation, and creativity to grow the business. You’re a solution-oriented person who wants to work with kind and humble professionals.

You know it’s important to keep iterating to find better solutions. Before you do something, you have a hypothesis ready why this measure or project will help us with our north-star metric. You’re enthusiastic about moving topics forward because you like to get things done that help the growth team’s KPIs.

While we collaborate a lot as a growth team (and with other departments), everyone in our team also knows when it’s time to step up and own a process or project. Change doesn’t make you nervous, because you’re always open to new ideas and challenging the status quo.

You are interested in the big picture of growth. You like to be involved in tasks that cover the whole customer journey – from the first touchpoint to the conversion.

100% Remote

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What employees say about GOhiring

We want to be a 100% remote company that you are happy to work for. That’s why we constantly explore and refine ways to make work better for everyone. We’re very proud that our efforts reflect what employees think of GOhiring 🙂

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