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Our small hiring department is passionate about finding perfectly fitting candidates and growing the team by the motto: “quality, not quantity”. Over the last few years, we’ve built a team of talented and kind professionals. To keep that strength, we want to grow wisely – at the right speed and with the best people.

Team facts

Time for application to contract

14 days

Ratio of meeting to working-hours


Hiring process

100% remote

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What we’d work on together

We want to carefully grow our team to tackle all upcoming challenges with the right number of people we need – while keeping our amazing company culture. In order to get there, we are hiring for quality, not quantity.

We’re looking for humble professionals that want to join us on our journey:

  • To further innovate our recruiting process 
  • To constantly optimize intake & conversions
  • To shape our own product with the learnings during recruiting
  • To develop our employer love-brand 
  • To automate time-consuming and administrative tasks
  • To wisely grow our team while keeping our amazing company culture

“When you spend a whole week at a GOhiring offsite and love every minute with every person on the team, you realize how special our company culture is.”


When you spend a whole week at a GOhiring offsite and love every minute with every person on the team, you realize how special our company culture is.


Tools we use

  • Slack: For informal and fast communication, saying hello in the morning
  • Greenhouse: ATS for all candidate information along the hiring process, feedback on candidates
  • LinkedIn: Active search, feedback on candidates
  • Trello: Project management tool
  • Google: Suite, Drive, Google Meet
  • Power BI: Analytics dashboard for an overview of (expiring) job ads, cost overview of all job ads / per position
  • Calendly: For scheduling interviews
  • Loom: For internal screen recording
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How you know you’ll be happy to join us

We are all about a candidate-centric perspective.

  • You are enthusiastic about and experienced in full-cycle recruiting.
  • You want to help us grow as a company while preserving our company culture.
  • You easily manage the balance between seeing potential in each candidate and being critical in terms of company culture and professional requirements.
  • You further improve candidate experience and develop strategies on how to efficiently improve the process for unqualified candidates.
  • You like to challenge current processes. 
  • You love async collaboration.
  • You enjoy crunching numbers and are passionate about data-driven recruiting.
100% Remote

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What employees say about GOhiring

We want to be a 100% remote company that you are happy to work for. That’s why we constantly explore and refine ways to make work better for everyone. We’re very proud that our efforts reflect what employees think of GOhiring 🙂

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